Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

It does kind of feel like I’m repeating myself a little here, at least in part. I started researching selling on Amazon and, while they do detail a few charges, the more research you so, the more references there are to other charges for which no amount od criteria are specified. So I send a message to Amazon on the required form and guess what. Instead of answering my question they send me an automated reply directing me to a selection of other places to go and ask the same question. Grrrr.

So, question now asked (twice) I await a response.

I’m not sure if it’s connected but I’ve now lost all motivation. I have a long list of things I was planning to do this morning which have all been pushed back. This afternoon’s list is also looking potentially fragile. Why do I get into these moods (well duh! It’s called bipolar disorder)? But as I’ve said before, I imagine largely due to the latest meds which it would appear are doing their thing, I don’t really seem to get depressed as such anymore. Just listless; despondent; unmotivated; call it what you will, it’s not very helpful.

It’s a new and higher plateau than the unlimited depths I used to plunge into, but it could do with raising a little as this level of unpredictability and unproductivity is not conducive to successfully running any kind of business. Time to ask the doctor about an increased dosage maybe? Or is this just something the meds can’t fix and integral to who I am? Watch this space!



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