No Progress

Well, I did get a response from Amazon saying that they’d passed my message on to another department.

But still feeling demotivated. I did order a logo for this blog but that’s about it.

I find that sometimes it’s better just to go with these moods. I certainly have techniques I can use to lift me up. To push me along. But they don’t always work. And sometimes I think it’s best to know , when not to push it.

Luckily, for now, at least, I don’t need to go out and work. I’m my own boss. Boss speaking – this guy is such a slacker I should fire him. 😉

Using the techniques is counter productive when they don’t work. It reduces my faith in them and makes them more likely to fail. I know they can and do work at the right time. But I’m learning to know when that time is and isn’t. And right now I’m just going with the flow. Which means little is getting done but I’m not under any time pressure.

And while “the boss'” complaint is valid, I do also have super productive days where I get lots done. So it suits my lifestyle and my moods, for now, to just take it as it comes. Does make life a bit boring at times, though. I have no idea what to do with myself as all plans are now out of the window.



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