Meet Me or Waste My Time?

ThisĀ MeetMe app is not just a waste of time. It’s positively annoying. I’m seriously trying to make some friends to hang out with and for the most part all I seem to speak to are morons. I think one was trying to rentĀ out prostitutes to me. Others just seem to want to give misogynist rants and act like they’re some kind of king and insult you because you’re a loser who can’t man up like them. If they’re such successful ladies men, what are they doing on the app? Idiots! I guess the app is just another marketplace for trolls.

So what to do next. What’s my next move? I’m seriously running out of ideas. Still, another singles night tomorrow. I’m halfway to giving up on them but as I’ve already booked and paid for it….. Who knows, maybe this will be the one.


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