What to Write?

What to write? I went for a careers interview recently. I’ve had a couple of nervous breakdowns over the years and, after the most recent one couldn’t really decide what to do with my life. I knew a few things I definitely DIDN’T want to do and they closed off most of the usual avenues to work. Anyway, the careers adviser suggested that, alongside my existing blogs and some of the other ideas he suggested that I write a diary blog about, my progress in my new projects (he gave me quite a few ideas) and how it all fits in with my mental state. So here I am.

I haven’t really started on any of the projects yet. When I got home I had a chaotic page of notes full of ideas of things to do, things to research, things to learn and things to check out for reference. I have since organised this into a nice Word table so I can actually get a handle on it all. I have also enrolled on a number of courses in Udacity, an online university site. There’s some good stuff there but it’s a little limited. I can’t find anything on Social Media Marketing, an area I really need to focus on.


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