Finished. Or Have I?

Outstanding! I have 3 online shops with full product ranges. One of them is slightly limited by virtue of a limited range of market options but the other 2 have a decent product range.

Now all I need is some customer’s.¬†And that’s the bit where I usually fail dismally. I’m AWFUL at online marketing. I know plenty of theory (I actually write a blog, part of which is advice on online marketing) but while I can talk the talk, when it comes to actually DOING it, I struggle.

To be honest, I suspect if I really focused on it for a while it would start to become automatic. But I’m not one of these teenagers who is permanently glued to a screen.

I only go on Facebook and Twitter maybe once a day or even less, which is no good if you want to run a serious online marketing campaign.

And yes I know about automation services. I have used many of them in the past. But that in itself takes a lot of updating and managing. And I did do it pretty well for a while. But even they can’t respond to incoming messages. And…. i just have to face it. I’m really not great at it.

It takes a LOT of effort to do an online marketing campaign. And in theory, I need to do 7 or 8 of them for all of my shops and blogs. :-/


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