Amazon FBA Diatribe

I am really getting sick and tired of contacting Amazon. I am based in the UK. I want to sell in the US. Everyone says I can do it, including Amazon. And yet, still 36 hours later, I am still trying to open a seller account on I have sent a dozen messages and emails and spent 90 minutes on an international phone call. I go to the sign-up page, I type in my details and as soon as I click sign up, it just goes back to the top of the form and greys out half the boxes.

If I send an email to Amazon, I get an automated email back telling me that they can’t find my seller account. Well of course you can’t; because you won’t let me create one. Replying to the email gets the same automated response. Every link in the email sends me to the log-in page to log in to the seller account I don’t have. After 90 minutes on the phone with Amazon as baffled as me, they give me an email address. Guess what happens when I send them an email.

I send messages to my buyer account trying to explain the issue. And of course, they see that it’s a seller query and forward it to the seller department and; guess what happens. If I were to print all of the emails telling that they can’t find my seller account I think I would be able sink a battleship.

Still, on the bright side, when I was just frustrated and stumped, I got depressed and demotivated; once I got angry I got super motivated and got lots done.


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