Monthly Archives: November 2017

Take 3

I’ve started the third script. I’ve put the first 2 aside with a plan to come back to them later with a fresh mind and see if there’s anything I can add then. But I’m actually thinking, that I might shelve the whole series. Temporarily. I think they’re good stories....



The 2 screenplays have progressed nicely and in many ways are going better than expected. I keep coming up with new elements to add which hopefully improve them. But I’m still having a problem with the length. A 60 minute programme should actually be around 50 minutes (to allow...



As I mentioned previously, I love writing. But as I’ve also mentioned I’m very good at losing focus.interest in things. So although I’ve had many ideas for novels, the thought of so much writing on one topic and having to give so much detail and be consistent always put...